MyGlass app on iOS

Send messages to your contacts hands-free by saying "ok glass, send a message to..." The voice action will bring up a list of your contacts. Say the name of the recipient or select their name from the list using the touchpad, then speak your message.

Glass "send message to" action

Sending a message

Your spoken message is transcribed into text and a preview of your message will appear in the display. Glass will wait until you've finished speaking to send your message, or you can send it yourself by tapping the touchpad. To cancel the message, swipe down on the touchpad in the few seconds after you've finished speaking but before the message is sent.

When your message is sent, you will see "Sent" in the display. You can swipe over to your history on your timeline to see the transcription of your sent message. When your recipient receives a message from you, they'll also see "Sent through Glass" appended to the end of the message.


Hangouts allow you to connect with any of your contacts over Gmail, phone, computer, and now Glass. When a contact with a Hangout account is added via MyGlass, we'll default all messaging via Hangout.

Recipients will see your message in a Hangout window or in the Hangout app (for Android and iOS). Responses will be bundled in your timeline.


To send or receive a message via SMS, you'll need an Android phone with Bluetooth, a data connection, and the MyGlass app.

Depending on what information you have for a particular contact, an email or SMS will be sent when using the "ok glass, send a message to..." voice action. If you have a phone number in the contact information of your recipient, Glass will automatically send an SMS.

If you're using Google Voice, the SMS will be sent from your Google Voice number. Otherwise, outbound SMS messages will be sent from the native SMS app on your phone.

To receive SMS messages on Glass, make sure your MyGlass app indicates Glass is connected by going to MyGlass menu from the action bar and selecting the Devices menu option.

Note: Sending SMS messages is not currently available on the MyGlass app for iOS. However, it lets you receive SMS messages. To receive SMS messages through Glass, visit your iPhone's Bluetooth settings and tap the information icon next to your paired device (the tiny blue "i"). Switch the Show Notifications option to the on position.

For back and forth correspondence, you can also use the Gmail and Hangouts Glassware.


If your contact only has an email address and no phone number, or if Glass isn't paired with the MyGlass Android or iOS app, messages sent via voice action will be sent through email.

To receive email messages on Glass, turn on Gmail Glassware from the MyGlass site or app.

Glass email notification

You’ll hear an audio notification when you receive an incoming email message. To see the email, tap the touchpad or use Head Wake. The card will display the subject, a snippet of the message, and you and any recipients’ picture, if available.

Reply to received messages or have the replies read aloud by opening card actions when viewing your received messages. Tap your touchpad once to open the card actions to either reply to the message by speaking your reply or selecting Read aloud to have Glass audibly read your received message snippet so you can listen rather than read the snippet on-screen.

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