Google Glass Explorer Edition is no longer available. Click here to learn more about Google Glass Enterprise Edition.

Glass gestures

Interacting with Glass is a unique experience that can range from head gestures to touch gestures that allow you to use Glass but stay in the moment with others with minimal distraction.

You can use touch gestures by tapping and sliding your finger on the touchpad located on the right side of the device near your temple.

Activate Glass: Tap the touchpad to turn the display on.

Swipe forward and back: Swipe forward to move right on your timeline, swipe backwards to move left through items on your timeline. To quickly navigate your timeline, swipe with two fingers, and you'll see a zoomed out view of the timeline.

Pan by swiping on touchpad

Select an item: Tap the touchpad to select a card or expand a bundle.

Back and display off: Swipe down from the Home screen to turn the display off. Swiping down also acts as your back button.

Swipe down on touchpad

Head Wake Up

With Head Wake Up, you can also use your head movement as gestures that allow you to interact with your device.

Display on: Head Wake allows you to activate Glass and turn on the display by tilting your head upward. Tilting your head will turn the display on for a few seconds. Use this gesture to quickly check the time, or issue a voice command using "ok glass." Configure the angle at which to activate Head Wake from the Settings bundle.

Head Wake Up to turn on display

Display off: If the Head nudge feature is on, you can turn off the display by quickly nodding your head up again.

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