Fitting Glass

Ensuring that Glass fits you correctly is key to a comfortable and enjoyable Glass experience.

Here are a couple things to keep in mind when making sure that Glass fits you well:

  • Position the display above your eye and not in front of the eye
  • Use the hinge to swing display forward or backward until you’re able to see everything on the screen
  • Adjust the nose pads so that they are flush to your skin.
  • The frame is amazingly durable. It can be bent to fit any face.
Nosepad adjustments: Twist and angle to match nose shape Nosepad adjustments 2: Switch nosepads for comfort and squeeze to adjust the height of display

Like when wearing new glasses, it may take some getting used to. Just like when you receive your first pair of prescription glasses, please ease into your use of Glass.

If you've had Lasik surgery, ask your doctor about risks of eye impact damage before using Glass. Don’t let children under 13 use Glass as it could harm developing vision. Also, kids might break Glass or hurt themselves and Google’s terms of service don’t permit those under 13 to register a Google account. If Glass is not for you and you wish to return it, do so before the end of the applicable refund period.

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