Getting to know Glass

Device overview


All audio comes from an oval speaker on the inside of the battery pod, just behind your ear. When flush to your head, you'll hear notifications, phone calls, and other sounds from your device.

On / Off

The circular power button is on the inner enclosure close to your temple. Press down firmly to turn on and off the device. The power LED at the end of the enclosure lights up when Glass is starting up, charging, or powering down.


The side of Glass is a touchpad. Swipe forward and backward to navigate through your timeline. Swipe down to go back or return to the Home screen.


Press the camera button to take a picture. Hold it down to record a video.


The plastic cube just above your right eye enters you into the world of Glass. The display shows you a vast amount of information from the current time to your emails, pictures, video clips, search results, and much more.

What's in the box?

Glass comes with the cables you need to charge your device, as well as a pouch to store Glass when you're not wearing it. Your box also includes a backup pair of nosepads and a pair in a larger size that you can switch out for a better fit.