Cards and bundles

It helps to imagine that the Glass interface as a row of cards that wraps around your head. Cards can contain activity history, content and other notifications. Using your finger to swipe the touchpad, you can move forward and backward through your cards. To swipe through your cards, start at the Home screen.

Swipe forward on the touchpad to scroll through your timeline. You’ll see a history of recent activity, including searches, phone calls, video calls, photos and videos that you've taken using the device.

Swipe backward to scroll through timely information and settings, including weather, calendar events and other in-the-moment info surfaced through Google Now.

Tap cards with a folded corner to open and see more information and related content. These stacked cards are called bundles.

Tapping on a card will bring up relevant actions related to that card. For instance if you tap on a picture, you will see actions such as Share and Delete. Flip between options by single swipe gestures, just the way you navigate the timeline. A bar along the bottom of the screen scrolls as you switch between options.

Navigating the timeline

Scroll through items one at a time with a swipe (forward / back) gesture on the touchpad.


Swipe rapidly to quickly navigate through a long timeline.