Navigating MyGlass

MyGlass is your portal to setting up Glass, managing contacts, and exploring Glassware.

MyGlass is available as an app for Android and iOS, and through any browser.

When you launch MyGlass for the first time, you'll run through a Setup tutorial to connect your new Glass to your mobile device and Google Account. Here you'll find the Glass Terms and Conditions.

Once you've set up Glass, use MyGlass to view and adjust the features of your Glass, including:

  • The Device info card, where you can add a Wi-Fi network, see your connection status, which software version you are running, and the location of your Glass.
  • On iOS devices, Contacts appears as its own card. Use the MyGlass app or Google Contacts on your computer to manage everyone you wish to call or send a message to through Glass. You can also share photos and videos with these contacts provided you also have them in your Google+ circles. Note: On Android devices, Glass will automatically load your phone's address book.
  • Select Glassware Gallery in the MyGlass menu to add features to your Glass. Glassware are a range of features you can extend to your Glass like sharing via Google+, viewing incoming Gmail messages, or getting the weather forecast in your current location via Google Now. You can see which Glassware are currently activated on your Glass in the Active Glassware section.
  • Screencast lets others see what you see through Glass via the display on your Android phone or iPhone. You can even control Glass from a screencast. Swipe on your screen like you would the touchpad to use your phone as a remote control.