Reporting problems and asking for help

You have several choices for communicating with the Fusion Tables team and with the community of Fusion Tables users.

If you have a problem while using the Fusion Tables app

Click "Help  > Report an issue". This brings up a feedback tool that you can use to send us a description and screenshot of the problem you're experiencing.

For many issues we'll need to see your table. If it is not sensitive, please make it public or visible to people with the link. If you don't want it to be public but it's OK for Google to see it, you can share it with Please do not use this email address for reporting problems, just for sharing private tables.

If you have a coding problem

Trying to get some JavaScript to work with the Google Maps API's FusionTablesLayer? Problems getting the Fusion Tables API or API sample code to work? The best place to ask is on StackOverflow. You can see what questions others have asked by using the "google-fusion-tables" tag.

If you want to suggest a new feature

Think Fusion Tables is missing something? You can file a request in the issue tracker. It's a good idea to check existing issues to see if anyone has a filed something similar to what you want; if so you can add your vote to that issue so we know how many people are interested in it.

If you want to talk with other Fusion Tables users

Due to the challenges involved in maintaining a successful forum that meets user expectations, we decided to shut down the Google Fusion Tables Product Forum beginning Mar 2019.

Most coding questions are better answered on StackOverflow, but the forum is a good place to ask more general usage questions or check for known problems. We recommend trying a third-party forum such as Quora.

If you want to report abuse or a copyright violation

Is your private data showing up in someone's public table, or have you found a table advertising a spam or malware site? Do you believe someone created a table infringing on your copyright? If you think you've found a violation of Google's Terms of Service or program policies, use "Help > Report abuse/copyright" or see Report abuse in Google Drive

Include enough information!

The following information is very, very helpful to include with your question:
  • Table URL
  • Screenshot showing the problem, if applicable
  • Code snippets if it's a programming problem
  • Sample input data if there's an import problem
  • Sample output data (KML or CSV) if there's a download problem
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