Add a column

Tables can get more columns in a few ways.  Columns might contain the result of a formula or specify the color of an item on a map

Make a new column in a base table

As owner or editor of a base table, you can add a new column to it. Then, edit a row to type values into the new column, or use a bulk replace to populate the entire column. 

  1. Click Edit > Change columns > New > Column.
  2. Give the new column a name and choose a type. 
  3. Click Save.
Read more about specifying column types in the Add column dialog.


Merge tables

Even as a viewer, you can still bring columns from two tables together into a new one by merging.  Merging tables allows you to combine data from different sources.

First, identify another table that contains the data you plan to fuse with the current table. For example, you may wish to specify exactly the polygon color or icon for each feature on a map. You have two options:

  1. Use Fusion Tables Search to find a public table that contains a column of the data you want to add. Read Tip: Use public data in merged tables.
  2. OR
  3. Use a program such as Google Spreadsheets to create your own data, and then import it to Google Fusion Tables.
Next, merge the tables.
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