Import web tables to Fusion Tables

Google Tables allows you to search across public Fusion Tables and millions of web pages with data presented in a table.

Once you find the right table, you can import the data to Fusion Tables for filtering, visualizations, collaboration, downloads, and access with the Fusion Tables API.

Importing a table

  1. Find the table you'd like to import in Google Tables search results
  2. Click "Import data" link. A preview of the table appears.
  3. A blue highlight indicates the row that will be used to name the columns in Fusion Tables. Click to select the correct row.
  4. Click the "Import to Fusion Tables" button.
  5. Once the data is successfully imported, click "See table".

The table will automatically be public and downloadable. If we've detected location information in the table, it may even be ready to map. You can change the types for any column. 

Try it yourself!  

Try your favorite Google Tables search to get started!

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