Find public data

You can find public tables with the Google Tables search page. By default, your search will include all tables from two different sources, described below. 

Click "Fusion Tables" or "Web Tables" on the left to narrow your search to just one source.

Use the "show more" link in each search result to preview the relevant part of the table.

Public Fusion Tables

Use keywords to search all Fusion Tables that are set as Public.  Find data to explore and reuse. Or, find complementary data to merge with your own and make your visualizations better.

Try queries like country boundaries, coffee production, or the Astraptes butterflies used in our tutorials to get started.

Tables in Web Pages

Web pages sometimes display high-quality structured data in a table.  Many of these tables appear in Google Tables search results, dramatically expanding your ability to locate structured data. Once you find a good table, you may decide to import it to Fusion Tables.

Try queries like green investments, canon vs nikon, dog weights, or even baby names.

For aggregated public statistics data sets, try Google Public Data