Zoomable line chart

Zoomable line charts are interactive charts that show different samples of large data as users zoom in and out. 


To create a zoomable line chart in the New look:

  1. Select [+] > Add Chart
  2. Click the line chart picture in the first category, for Continuous variable charts

To create a zoomable line chart in Classic:

  1. Choose Labs > Zoomable line chart.
  2. Select a number column for your  y-axis.
  3. Select a column of date/time or numeric values for your x-axis.

There are three ways to zoom in:

  • Click a data point
  • Use a mouse wheel to zoom in
  • Adjust the range handles

More details

  • This chart works best with data that has equally distributed x values. For example, data sets with a data point per year.
  • To handle showing thousands of data points, Fusion Tables automatically buckets the data and identifies a value to represent each bucket, creating a representative line at any zoom level. As you zoom all the way in, the raw data appears as discrete points on the plot. 
  • Roll over a point to see the average value, and the range of values that define the top and bottom of the bucket. 
  • The top right corner indicates how much data is included in the current zoom range. For example, "Data aggregated from 10233 rows."

Example: Dow Jones

Here's an example using the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the past 100 years:

  1. Open the DJI demo data table (or download it to make your own).
  2. Choose [+] > Add Chart and click the middle line chart icon for Zoomable line chart.
  3. Confirm the default selections:
    • Open as the y-axis.
    • Date as the x-axis.
  4. Click done button



  • Click on a point or use the mouse wheel to zoom into the point. 
  • Drag the left range slider to the year 2000 so you only see data for the years 2000-2008.
  • Drag the range filter along the lower chart. For example, you can just see data for the '30s or the '80s.