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This brief tutorial uses the New look.

Fusion Tables has many features to help you visualize your data. 

  • You can see different aspects of your data simultaneously through a set of tabs. With a click, you can access rows, maps, cards, charts, and summaries.
  • Keep multiple states of your data in the same table. For example, you can have two rows tabs: one hold all your raw data and the other holds a filtered subset. Or you could have several map tabs, each with a customized map.
  • Create "index cards" to help see your data laid out in a convenient manner.  Each Card tab can display a different layout.
  • You can set up several filters and apply them to different tabs of data. For example, you could have a different filter for each map tab so you can show multiple stories from the same table.

Browse the Example Gallery to see how tables can tell stories.

Try it yourself:

Some other helpful resources:

Learn a new workspace

The New look workspace is completely new and improved. There's a lot of power under the hood.

Here's the default table layout in the New look:

What's cool about this?

Each tab holds a view of your data that's independent of the other tab views. You can open more than one of each type of tab and that doesn't affect what's in the others.

Here's a table with many tabs:


This table has filters set on a couple tabs, two different card layouts, and a chart showing elevation.

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