Moderate form input to a live visualization

Create a simple moderation system with Google Forms and Google Fusion Tables. 


Use Google Forms to create a form that can be linked to, emailed, or embedded in a website. Set up a Fusion Table to receive the responses, add a column for status, then filter for the approved responses. The approved responses can be used in a live visualization. 
Here's how:
1) Design your form. What are you going to ask? Use Google Forms to create it. 
2) Follow the instructions to sync the form results with a Fusion Table.  Note: Experimental! This is cutting edge stuff. Please use with care, and send us any problems or suggestions.
3) Confirm your form and sync to Fusion Table works as expected by submitting a few form entries.
4) Add a new column to this table for the moderation status. Use Edit > Change columns > New > Column. Name it "Status". New entries will have nothing in this column, because it doesn't exist in the Google Form. 
5) Choose one of the test rows and enter "good" in the Status column.
6) Narrow the results shown at any time to only the "good" ones by creating a filter: Status = good. Click the "options" link, select Status from the column pull down menu, use the "=" operator, and type "good" in the text box. Click Apply filter. 
Now you see only the good results!
Next, create visualizations while this filter is applied and embed them in a website for live, approved updates.
Note: Viewers of the table will have the option to undo the filter and see all form submissions. To prevent this, keep the sync'd table private, and create a view table (use CREATE VIEW in the Fusion Tables API) to use for the embedded visualizations. 
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