A new look!

The Fusion Tables team has developed a whole new approach to exploring and visualizing your data. It's more powerful and flexible than the classic version of the web application.

Flexible, customizable appearance

  • Customizable Card layout
  • Configure charts

Data is easier to explore

  • Facets support easily filtering data
  • Charts can switch quickly between raw data or a summary
  • Resize, re-order, and show or hide columns in the row layout
  • Summarize rows easily

Save and share your work more easily

  • Save a number of tabs on the same table
  • Embed card or row layouts in other websites
  • Create a view with a filter

Data is easier to reuse

  • Create your own tabs on tables you can view
  • Make a copy of a table

Merge is more powerful

  • File > Find a table to merge with
  • File > Merge offers a preview of data used in the merge

From classic, click the "Switch to new look" link in the upper right corner of the table.

The Classic look

These classic features are not yet available in the New look:

  • Map charts (a Labs visualization)
  • Intensity maps and heatmaps
  • Comments on rows, cells, or columns

 You can use Help > Back to classic at any time.

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