Set map styles

Locations in Fusion Tables can be points, lines or polygons. The appearance of each of these features on the map can be set with a map style.

To change the appearance of map features:

  1. While looking at the map, click "Tools > Change map", then click the "Change feature styles" button.
  2. Change styles as described in Change marker icons or Customize polygons and lines.

Style types

There are four ways to specify a style:

Specify a single style to be used for all elements on the map.

Provide a specification for each row's display in one of your table's data columns. Select this column as the source of the style. This option provides the most specific control over the appearance of features on the map.

Specify two or more number ranges, and give each range a style. Style is assigned to each row based on the value in a numeric data column. Also known as classes or classifying data.

Polygons and lines are styled based on the numbers in your data. Select the colors and number for the start, mid- and end-points to create a gradient. Intermediate styles are applied appropriately. (Not available for icons.)


For some styles you can automatically generate a legend explaining the map's appearance:
  • Point marker styles using buckets
  • Polygon fill color styles using buckets or gradients
Use the Automatic legend panel to specify the legend to show (marker, polygon fill, or both) and where on the map to place the legend box.
You also can give your map viewers a link in the legend that goes to your table.


Try it yourself!

  1. Open a public table like the Caterpillar data.
  2. Click "[+] > "Add map" to create your own map you can edit.
  3. Click "Change feature styles" and play with the "Fixed" or "Buckets" options for Marker icons.


Need even more power?

The Fusion Tables API and the Fusion Tables Layer in the Maps API offer additional tools for setting and changing map styles. Find out what they can do and when to use them.

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