Use formulas in columns

Fusion Tables supports creating a new column populated with the result of a formula on numbers in other columns.

To create a new formula column, choose Edit > Change columns > New > Formula column.

Supported formulas include:

  • basic operations: + - * /
  • functions: cos() sin()  power(base, exponent)
  • logic: if (condition, then, else)

Use column names in the formula. Add single quotes around column names that include spaces or special characters. Separate a list of items with commas. 

The formula will use the first column it finds of that name. To use a later column with the same name, provide an index number. For example, 'Year(2)' refers to the second column with name Year.

Example: basic operations

Imagine a table with number columns for time and distance. The new column should show the average speed (distance / time) for each row.


time distance
5 50
4 48


Choose Edit > Change columns > New > Formula column to create this new column. Name the new column “speed”. In the Formula box enter:

distance / time

then Save. The new column will contain the result of performing the formula for each row.

Example: logic 

Imagine a table with star ratings from 1 to 5. You want to create a new column with a simpler rating: "1" if it has 4 or 5 stars, and "0" if it's not good. Remember formulas work with number columns, not text.

Here's the logic formula to write: 

if ('star rating' > 3, 1, 0)