Tip: Combine multi-column locations

If your data contains location information in more than one column, you may need to combine it into one column in preparation for importing your data into Fusion Tables. You may have separate latitude and longitude columns or you may have a street address with many elements.

Two-column locations

If you have latitude and longitude in separate columns, you can tell Fusion Tables to treat them as a "two-column" location. Fusion Tables may have already done this for you.

  1. Click the name of the latitude column, and select Change from the menu.  Or, use Edit > Change columns.
  2. Change the latitude column's type to "Location" and check the "Two column location" checkbox. Make sure the correct column names are matched with their role as latitude or longitude.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Click the name of the longitude column, select Change from the menu, and change its type to "Number."  


Multi-column addresses

If you have a multi-element address with street, city, state, and zip. You need to combine these elements into one column, with each element separated by a space, not commas.

Here's how to do it in Excel:

  1. Open the data file.
  2. Insert a new column to left of the location columns (let's say these are H and I).
  3. Name the column "Full Address."
  4. Insert the CONCATENATE function into the first data cell (in row 2). This formula will concatenate the text in column H and I with a space in between:
    =CONCATENATE(H2," ",I2)
    • Tip: start typing "=CONCA...." and Excel will help you find the formula.
    • Tip: remember to include the space in the formula: " "
  5. Press Enter to save the formula.
  6. With the cell still highlighted, place the cross-hairs of the mouse pointer over the little box at the lower right and double-click to auto-fill this function to the end of the rows.
    • Tip: the auto-fill stops when there's an empty cell to the left.
  7. If your file is larger than 1 MB, go to File > Save As and save the file as Comma Separated, a.k.a ".csv"


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