Tip: Use public data in merged tables

Fusion Tables supports re-use of data others have made public. You can:

  • Merge two public tables
  • Merge public tables into your own data set

The merged tables are virtually combined into a new table. You won't be modifying the public data.

Think about what data you'd like in the resulting table. One table will have a bunch of data, and the other table will contribute additional columns of data where a match is found. Grab the URL for the table with the additional columns, then go back to the first table and follow instructions for merging tables.

Try it!

Both of these public tables have information about counties in Kenya. (They were covered in detail during a workshop). The table Kenya County Expenditures has information about money spent within each county. The table Kenya Population by County with Boundaries contains basic properties of each county, like the population and geographic boundaries.  It would be handy to have this all in one table!

To try it:

  1. Open the table Kenya Population by County with Boundaries and copy the URL from the browser. This will be table B.
  2. Open table Kenya County Expenditures. This will be table A.
  3. Choose File > Merge.
  4. In the dialog box, find Or paste a web address here and paste the URL in the box. Click Next.
  5. Confirm that "County" is selected in the drop-down menus for both tables. Click Next
  6. You have the option to remove columns from the merged table by unchecking them. Click Merge

Now you have your own merged table that combines the columns from both Kenya tables!

It's not a copy; it's inheriting the data in those tables. Look in File > About any time to see what makes up this table. You can change the name of this table, create maps and charts like this scatter plot, and share it with others. 

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