Make a table accessible

By default, new tables are private, requiring other people to be invited with specific permissions and sign in before viewing or editing the data. 

Visualizations embedded in other websites and Google Earth network links cannot authenticate to Fusion Tables when they call for the data, so the table must not require sign-in for these features to work.

There is one exception: Tables created by importing a web table from the search results page of Google Tables are public by default.

To remove the sign-in requirement for viewers:

  1. Click the Share button.
  2. You'll see a list of who has access to the table. Find "Private" and click Change...
  3. Select the Public or "Anyone with the link" radio button under Visibility options.
  4. Click Save. The change is effective immediately. 
  5. Click Done


If you leave your table as Private, only the people you have specifically invited will have access to your table. Embedded visualizations and Google Earth network links will not be able to access the data.


When an exportable table is set as Public, signing in is not required to view your table and visualizations embedded elsewhere can draw from your data table instantly. Access to query your table through the API (read-only, no authentication) is also supported. Your table is included with other public Fusion Tables in Google Tables, and may also be indexed for search engines such as

"Anyone with the link"

When an exportable table is set as "Anyone with the link," access is provided to parties who know the URL. No sign-in is required to view your table or for read-only API access. Embedded visualizations and Google Earth network links have access.  Your table is not included in Fusion Tables public search (allow a few hours for the unlisting to take effect if your table was previously public) and is not suggested to search engines for indexing although they may discover the URL through links you create online.

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