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Share with viewers and editors

Google Fusion Tables offers several options to share data with others, just like Google Drive. To invite people to view or edit a table, click the Share button in the top right corner of the table.

Read about Sharing Settings in Google Drive.


Any viewer can:

  • sort, query, and visualize the data.
  • sign in to leave a comment on the table (in Classic only).
  • use merge to incorporate the columns read-only into a new table of their own. 


An editor on a base table can also:
  • create, edit, and delete rows
  • create, change, and delete tabs
  • geocode data
  • add, change, and delete columns
  • change table metadata
  • delete comments
An editor on a view or merged table cannot edit the data, geocode data or modify columns unless they have the appropriate permissions on the underlying base table where the data originates. 
An editor on a merged table can add new tables to the merge.


Only the table's owner can delete it. 

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