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  • Maps
    • Heatmaps in the new look
    • Improved embedded map appearance on mobile devices, including legend toggling
    • Automatic legends
    • KML downloads now include map styles
    • Dynamic templates for info window and card layouts, allowing conditional displays
    • Column data ranges shown for bucket and gradient styles
  • Embedding
    • The Publish dialog includes the code to produce the visualization
    • Embed YouTube and Vimeo videos and Google maps in an iframe
  • Data management
  • Data entry
    • Validate data entry, including using dropdown menus
    • Double-click to edit a row or card
    • "Save and edit next row" button for faster editing of multiple rows
    • Preview locations and correct geocodes in the new look
  • Table metadata
    • Attribution icons appear next to the title in the Fusion Tables web app
    • Column descriptions can be entered that appear during data entry
    • Description and last-updated time appear below the title
    • European date formats are now supported
    • Improved specification of license, attribution, originating file, and owner


  • A limited version of Fusion Tables is now available to Google Apps for your Domain customers. 
  • Add a column, add a formula column, and delete a column now available in the new look. 
  • "Find a table to merge with..." in the File menu makes table discovery easier.
  • Merges are now case-insensitive, recognizing "California" and "CALIFORNIA" as matching rows.
  • A friendly, easy to use chart creator now offers Bar, Column, Pie, Area, Line, Scatter, Zoomable line chart, and the Network Graph in Fusion Tables' New look.
  • Friendlier row layout in Fusion Tables' New look now supports drag-n-drop columns, drag column width, hide columns.
  • Row and card layouts newly embeddable from Fusion Tables' New look.
  • The Fusion Tables API v1.0 is public!
  • New version of the Fusion Tables web application is released.
  • Tables found in webpages online are included in Fusion Tables' search and can be imported to Fusion Tables with a few clicks.
  • A new Labs menu offers access to visualizations under development, including the Network Graph, Zoomable line chart and Map charts
  • You can include attribution data in embeddable links for non-map visualizations.