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With the additional time provided by Apple's App Tracking Transparency implementation extension, developers have time to test what permission flows will work best in their apps.  The full IDFA message functionality is now available if you are interested in experimenting with a small test group, though we strongly recommend reviewing how this change impacts performance. Learn how to create an IDFA message

Stay tuned as Apple provides further guidelines and we continue to develop flexible solutions to support you on iOS.

IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) is an Apple iOS feature that identifies a user's mobile device. On iOS 13 and earlier, the IDFA was available by default with the exception of users who had limited ads personalization in the settings on their iOS device. 

With the release of iOS 14, users will be required to explicitly give permission in order to use the IDFA. Adding the AppTrackingTransparency permission to your apps adds an ATT alert (the “iOS ATT alert,” for short) that asks users to allow access to and use of identifiers like IDFA.

To address the change in how IDFA permissions are handled, Funding Choices is implementing a solution that allows you to show your users an IDFA explainer message immediately before the iOS ATT alert, in order to give them more context and understand what their data might be used for. 

An image showing what app users see: the explainer message, then the iOS ATT alert, then your app.

Above: the IDFA explainer message and iOS ATT alert flow

About the IDFA explainer message

You can create, edit, and publish the explainer message in the Funding Choices interface, and monitor its use in Reports.

Consider including details about how you use user data and how your users can opt in to allow for the use of IDFA in your explainer message. To engage your users, you can customize the explainer message—for example, by matching the writing style and color scheme of your iOS app.

If you use Funding Choices as your CMP (Consent Management Platform) to handle EU user consent, then your EU consent message will act as the initial message for eligible users, and no additional explainer messages will appear.

Follow these steps to create an IDFA message.


In order to use Funding Choices to manage and publish your IDFA explainer messages, you'll need to integrate the UMP SDK version 1.1.0 or greater into your app, along with your GMA SDK. You can take these steps as you prepare for the release of iOS 14. Visit for information on using the UMP SDK for AdMob and Ad Manager.

Which explainer message your users will see

  • If you are using Funding Choices as your CMP for EU user consent messaging, then
    If a user... ...they see this immediately before the iOS ATT alert:
    Is not in the EEA The Funding Choices IDFA explainer message
    Is in the EEA and has already consented to GDPR The Funding Choices IDFA explainer message
    Is in the EEA and has not yet made an EU consent decision The Funding Choices EU consent message
  • If you are not using Funding Choices as your CMP for EU user consent messaging, then your users will always see the Funding Choices IDFA explainer message immediately before the iOS ATT alert.


Run reports and view metrics for the IDFA explainer message and the iOS alert.

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