Detect ad blocker pageviews

When you add the Funding Choices tag to a site page, it detects how many of your pageviews are from visitors that are blocking ads with a browser extension. You don’t need to publish a message to gather this data.

Because the detection script uses cookies:

  • If you have used Funding Choices to collect EU consent, the detection script doesn’t record ad blocker pageviews of users that have opted into non-personalized ads.
  • You must ensure your site complies with EU consent and cookie policies.

Setting up ad blocker detection

  1. Ensure you’ve added your site to Funding Choices.
  2. Add the Funding Choices tag to the pages where you want to measure ad block detection.

Viewing ad blocker pageviews

  1. Visit reports.
  2. View the Extension rate metric. You can also download reports as a CSV and view Extension ad blocker pageviews metric.
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