Create a message for ad block users

Not yet available to AdSense users.

After you’ve set up your sites, you can create a message that's only displayed to users that have ad blocking or script blocking software installed.

  1. Sign in to your Funding Choices account at
  2. On the "Sites" page, select the site on which you want to display the message.
  3. Click New message.
  4. Click Select under "Ad blocking detection." The "Ad blocking detection" page opens, where you'll set the details of the message.
  5. In the Message name field, give the message a name that allows you to quickly find it in the user interface. The name is shown only in the Funding Choices interface; it won't be visible to your users.
  6. Select the language in which the default text and button names of the message are displayed to users.
  7. In the "Select the message your visitors will see" section, choose one of the following:
    • Allow ads or dismiss: Offers your ad blocker users the choice between allowing ads or dismissing your message. 
    • Allow ads or pay to see no ads: Offers your ad blocking users a chance to allow ads on your site.
    • Allow ads or custom solution: Allows you to offer your ad blocker users a custom alternative to allowing ads. For example, you might ask users to either allow ads or subscribe to your site, where subscribing to your site is the custom choice. This option requires that you implement the googlefc.controlledMessagingFunction function of the Funding Choices unified API. Learn more about setting up a Custom Choice message
  8. In the "Select message placement" area, decide how and where you'd like the message to be displayed on your site:
    • Centered modal (dismissible): the message is centered on your page with a dark background that partly obscures page content. Users can close the message.
    • Bottom pinned (dismissible): the message is fixed to the bottom of the page and allows viewing of the page's content. Users can close the message.
    • Centered modal (non-dismissible): the message is centered on your page with a dark background that partly obscures page content. Users cannot close the message. Not available for the "Allow ads or dismiss" message type.

      Above: Funding Choices message types
  9. Click Continue. A preview of the message is displayed.
  10. Click Save.
  11. You can now edit and publish the message.
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