Report summary

The report summary provides a snapshot of these essential Funding Choices metrics:

Wall status: The percentage of eligible visitors who see the message wall. This number is dependent on the percentage of ad block users to which you show the messaging wall.

Ad block rate: The ad block rate that applies to page views that could be affected by Funding Choices: (Page views shown to eligible ad blocker users) / (Total number of eligible page views).

Whitelist rate: Percent of eligible visitors who added your site to their ad blocking whitelist. 

Total whitelisted page views:  Page views by eligible visitors who added your site to their ad blocking whitelist in the last 365 days. 

Total whitelisted users: The total number of eligible visitors that added your site to their ad blocking whitelist. This number is equal to cumulative whitelisted visitors as of today.

Notes: Our system counts visitors in terms of unique cookie IDs. If a person visits a website from different browsers or devices, each is considered a unique visit because each visit logs a unique different cookie ID.
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