Setting up your account

Contact your Google representative to set up a Funding Choices account.

  1. You may request the terms of service from your Google representative. Once the agreement has been executed, provide your Google representative with following information:
    • Account name: The name of your company or business.
    • Display name: The name your readers recognize (for example, if the Account name is “The Meow Times Inc,” the Display name might be “Meow Times”).
    • AdSense/Ad Exchange ID
    • Administrator emails: At least one account administrator needs to be associated with your account. Administrator emails need to be either Gmail or G Suite accounts. You can add more administrator emails at any time.
      • Ask your Google representative to add admin emails to the Google Group to provide full access to the Funding Choices Help Center. Note: do not send emails to this address.
      • To confirm that an email is properly added to the Google Group, sign in to that account, go to, and click My groups. "fundingchoicestesters_help” should be listed. You can also ask your Google representative to verify.
  2. Provide your company or business logo. The logo will be displayed in the Contributor interface as a visual cue for users that want to add your site to their ad removal pass. 
    1. Create a version of your company or business logo that is a .PNG file and 192 x 192px in size and adheres to the logo requirements below.

    Above: logo requirements

  3. Visit the help center to learn more about:
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