What is Contributor?

Contributor lets users buy an ad removal pass for your site. It’s a new source of monetization for your site, funded directly by your visitors. 

With Contributor, users sign up to pay a per-page fee for every page they view on your site without ads. 

  • You set a single per-page fee for visitor access to your site content without ads. 
    • You may set different per-page fees by local currency. For example, your site’s per-page fee could be $.02 for US users (those who signed up with a US billing address) and £.01 for UK users (those who signed up with a UK billing address).
  • When Contributor users apply their ad removal pass to your site, they are charged that per-page fee each time they visit a page on your site.
    Users are charged each time they visit or refresh a page, even if they’ve previously visited it.
  • At the same time, Contributor removes ads from that Contributor user’s view of your page. 
  • Google takes a fixed percentage of the per-page fees as payment for providing the Contributor service, and pays the remaining proceeds to you.
  • Contributor does not affect the display of ads to non-Contributor visitors, or to Contributor users who have not added your site to their pass.

Visit the help center for Contributor users for more information.

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