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Play Fitbit Arcade games on your Fitbit Ace LTE

As part of your Ace Pass data plan you’ll have access to the latest games in the Fitbit Arcade on your Fitbit Ace LTE. The Fitbit Arcade is designed with interactive games that help motivate movement and physical activity through play.

How to play games on Fitbit Ace LTE

Games on Fitbit Arcade

Game and description

How to play

Kaiju Golf

The Story: Grab your monster-sized club and wreak destruction as you tour the Earth for a round of golf, Kaiju-style.


Become the best monster golfer on earth. Compete with the other Kaijus and rise to the top. 

To play

Select your Kaiju and pick your tournament.

Practice your golf swing by holding your hands together, bringing your arms back and SWING. You get three practice shots to get your swing just right.

After you hit your ball it will come crashing back down to earth. Tap on the screen to bounce your ball, crush cars and collect gems.

When your round is over, pick another location to STOMP to, and get walking.

Smokey Lake


The Story: Ah, the serenity. Breathe in the woodland air as you cast your fishing line into Smokey Lake, where the Ramen Squid swim freely. 


Collect all the unique breeds of freshwater creatures and complete the Logbook pages.

To play

Reach a step target to get to each watering hole destination, collecting your bait along the way.

Once you’ve arrived at your designated watering hole on the lake, you’ll see your collected bait. Use your arm to cast your imaginary line into the water to see which fish you can catch. 

Cast your arm back as if you’re holding a fishing rod, throw it forward and wait for the sounds and vibrations of a fish on your line.

Pull back at the right moment and BAM you have caught a fish.

Grab your fishing rod and get moving to reach your step target and your next fishing hole.

Otal’s secret


The Story: "Hello? Can you read me...?" A chat with a mysterious entity kicks off a puzzle adventure to save the world.


Solve cryptic puzzles to help Otal discover who is behind the doomsday plot. 

To Play

Use the sensors on your Fitbit Ace to explore the many iterations of a magic puzzle-cube. From hiding your Ace in the dark to detecting tiny little vibrations on your wrist; there are many ways to unlock the puzzle.

Recharge the next puzzle with physical activity.

Pollo 13


The Story

You're a chicken. In a bathtub. Racing in space like a ... chicken. In a bathtub.


Unlock race tracks by racing other chickens down an intergalactic race chute for ultimate glory. 

To Play

Pick your chicken driver, get some tips from a galactic fox, and get racing.

When you’re ready to race, cross your arms in front of you, with your screen pointing up so you can see it.

Lean left and right to race against other chickens, pick up powerups and collect eggs.

Pump up your inflatable bathtubs between races to get more tries, so get moving and collect those Move Points!

Jelly Jam


The Story: Shake that jelly! Tour the world and unlock venues as you compete in a jelly dance-off competition to win the hearts of your fans.


Dance your way to the top by unlocking songs, moves and venues to show off your skills and earn new fans.

To Play

Practice your dance moves before each level, then get ready to perform.

Listen out for each dance move and try and do it in beat to the music.

The better you are, the higher your score and the more fans you’ll get.

Between dances earn Move Points to perform again. If you earn enough, you’ll even earn an encore and play twice!

Galaxy Rangers


The Story: Planets, ahoy! Get land grabby as you space-race your opponents to conquer as many planets in the galaxy as you can.


Take over planets and win space battles.

To Play

You’ll be called upon to either attack or defend a planet. Look around with your watch in the air and look for enemy ships or shields, if you focus in on them you will shoot them out of the sky.

Earn move points between sessions to help generate enough energy to send your ships even further into space.

How to play games on Fitbit Ace LTE

  1. On Fitbit Ace LTE, press the bottom side button to get to the Fitbit Arcade.
  2. Swipe through to view all the game titles in the Arcade.
  3. To continue playing an active game, tap the Play button  to start playing the game.
  4. To start playing a different game, select the game title from the Fitbit Arcade. Scroll past the game description and tap Play.
Note: Only one game can be active at a time. Starting a new game will pause progress on your existing game. Any step targets will reset.

I can’t play games

If you’re having issues playing games, check the following:

Note: Your game progress is backed up to your Google account or profile when your Fitbit Ace LTE is charging and connected to Wi-Fi. When your game progress is backed up, you won’t lose it if you later decide to exit the game, factory reset, or set up a new Fitbit Ace LTE, as long as you select the same Google account or profile.
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