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My last activity didnt track My last activity did not track my steps, it did show up the calories and time but not steps hearts p…
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wrong data saved Hello, I start up the activity i want and its get recorded for the time I am doing it. right after t…
0 Updates 0 Recommended Answers 5 Replies 1 Upvote
Heart points have significantly decreased For a few days now, Google Fit has registered several times less Heart Points than it did in the pas…
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I can't choose "housework" as an activity Even though the product site says "housework" is an activity that can be added to Fit, it doesn't ap…
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What is the rate limit of google fit APIs I would like to know the rate limit of the google fit APIs. For example, among some of the API we ar…
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WebHook update for Google Fit Activity I would like to get user Google Fit activity updates to my server (via webhook) so there is no need …
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How to check calories burnt without basal metabolic rate Hey i recently bought a wear os watch and installed Google fit, earlier I used samsung health app, i… Привязка Google Fit и Huawei Health Перечитала и перебрала все настройки и так ничего не нашла. Неверно подгрузились данные с приложения…
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Heart points not being logged from imported yoga sessions I do yoga sometimes in Peloton, and this stores the data in Strava. Then Strava is connected to Goog… Unable to link my Huawei Health app with Google Fit. Hey guys, whenever I'm trying to select my default Google account, a blank window pops up and the pr… Google Fit does not track any activity Hello, Google Fit doesn't track any activity. Tracking is turned on. I tried everything - new Google…
0 Updates 0 Recommended Answers 8 Replies 1 Upvote
Help syncing data from my audar EMBi watch to the Google fit app I got an auder EMBi watch for my birthday and I have managed to set it up, however I am having issue… Fit not tracking steps Fit is not tracking steps. Big and small gaps with not steps. Now says I have some steps, after some…
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