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covered entity or business associate We are working on a mobile app that would help people with a certain condition. App classifies as me…
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Blood pressure reports with graphs (PC, not mobile) I want to enter my blood pressure information on my Android phone but pull it from a PC and print bo…
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Can we use google fit offline Can we use google fit offline Google Workspace application services now restored Hi everyone, At 3.47AM PT Google experienced an authentication system outage for approximately 45 mi…
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not able to read sleep data manually added from android devices but works from apple devices Trying to read manually added sleep from an android devices. Unfortunately not able to achieve that,…
Updates to Google Fit on Wear OS Tracking your workouts just got easier We’ve improved workout tracking on Wear OS with a simpler use…
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Is there any way I can add health data like oxygen saturation and body temperature to google fit? I was wondering if there is a way to add data like body temperature, oxygen saturation or blood glou… Steps from Fossil watch or Google Fit in to Apple Health all my family members challege each other and compare their info using Apple heath or apps that pull…
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How to observe data changes in Google Fit History I am using Google fit android SDK to collect the data of users, who signed in and given proper permi…
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Hardware for Low Latency, Real Time Accurate Heart Beat Detection (HBM) I'm a software developer, and I'm planning to use Google Fit to access Heart Beat data (via Sensor A…
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Installed health sync to connect Garmin to Google fit. Says connected but nothing in G Fit. Ideas? Originally tried fitness syncer...could see everything in FS app but nothing in GF. Uninstalled... n…
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I want to use your API into My Xamarin Form APP I want to use your App into my Xamarin forms APP, is it possible to provide API calls? Any update on Google Fit w/ Family Link? Long story short, I've been hoping to get my son a smart watch that tracks steps for when he's at sc… Google Fit - step counts disappear Using on a Samsung 9 - Why do weeks at a time disappear? I can't get an answer that's specific to my… Can the Fit data be viewed on a PC? Upload Fit data to PC
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How Google Fit platform calculate stride length? I am a daily Google Fit user. I was wondering how Google Fit platform calculates the user's stride l…
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App Request - Fitness coaching app Hi I'm wondering when is Google going to make an app like Fitbit coach or apple fitness+. That's abl…
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