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Start a fitness challenge

If you have a Wear OS device, you can do daily exercise challenges. You can track and increase your push-ups, sit-ups, or squats with the Google Fit app.

Begin a challenge

  1. If your watch’s screen is dim, tap it to wake it up.
  2. To open the list of apps, press the power button.
  3. Tap Fit Workout Fit Workout.
  4. Scroll down and tap Challenges.
  5. Tap the challenge you want to do.
  6. Select a difficulty.
  7. To do a challenge, make sure your watch is secure on your wrist. Then tap Start.

Pause or stop a challenge

  • Halt a challenge: Tap Pause Pause. You can continue the challenge later. Your progress will be saved for the rest of the day. It resets the next day.
  • Continue a challenge: Tap Resume .
  • End a challenge session: While a challenge is paused, tap Stop Fit Stop icon.

Learn about difficulty levels

You can choose Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced challenges. Fit will use this info to build a program to help you get stronger and do more exercises over the next 30 days. 

Push-up levels
  • Beginner starts at 5 push-ups a day.
  • Intermediate starts at 10 push-ups a day.
  • Advanced starts at 20 push-ups a day.
Sit-up levels
  • Beginner starts at 15 sit-ups a day.
  • Intermediate starts at 30 sit-ups a day.
  • Advanced starts at 50 sit-ups a day.
Squat levels
  • Beginner starts at 15 squats a day.
  • Intermediate starts at 30 squats a day.
  • Advanced starts at 60 squats a day.

How the app tracks your reps

Fit will use motion sensors on the watch to automatically track your reps until you reach your daily goal.

  • Your watch will buzz when you complete a rep.
  • To make sure your reps are counted, use the form shown in the example videos.
  • Reps might not be counted if they’re done fast or with a different form.

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