[GA4] Events: All properties

The following events are useful for all properties (all business verticals, app or web). To learn how to implement these events, refer to the developer documentation.

If your site or app has features or behavior that correspond to these events, you benefit from implementing them, along with their prescribed parameters. This provides you with more detailed reports and lets you benefit from the latest Analytics features and integrations as they become available.
Event Trigger... Parameters
earn_virtual_currency when a user has earned virtual currency virtual_currency_name, value
join_group when a user joins a group

Allows you to track the popularity of various clans or user groups.
login when a user logs in. method
purchase when a user completes a purchase transaction_id, value, currency, tax, shipping, items, coupon
refund when a user receives a refund transaction_id, value, currency, tax, shipping, items
search when a user searches your content search_term
select_content when a user has selected content content_type, item_id
share when a user has shared content content_type, item_id

when a user has signed up

Allows you to see which methods of sign-up (e.g., Google account, email address, etc.) are most popular

spend_virtual_currency when a user has spent virtual currency (coins, gems, tokens, etc.) item_name, virtual_currency_name, value
tutorial_begin when a user begins a tutorial No parameters
tutorial_complete When a user completes a tutorial No parameters
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