Use a prediction with Remote Config

You can add or edit conditions that use Predictions after you add your first parameter, or while adding or editing parameters.

  1. On the Firebase console navigation bar, click Remote Config, and then click Conditions.
  2. Add a condition or choose a condition to edit:
    • To add a condition: Click New Condition.
    • To edit a condition: Click the condition you want to change.
  3. In the Define a new condition dialog, enter (or edit) the title for your condition.
  4. (Optional) Select a color that you can use to keep this condition and similar conditions organized.
  5. Under Applies if, do the following to update your condition:
    1. Click add (+) to add a rule to the condition.
    2. Choose the prediction that you want to use in this condition.
  6. Click Publish to publish changes to the Remote Config settings for this project, making those changes available to apps that use this project.
Note: You can also click Target Users on your prediction tile, choose Remote Config, and then and use the Remote Config Target predicted users screen to use a prediction with Remote Config.
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