Whitelist URL patterns

To prevent unauthorized parties from creating Dynamic Links that redirect from your domain to sites you don't control, you should whitelist the URLs your Dynamic Links can redirect to.

To whitelist URLs, click 3 dot menu icon> Whitelist URL pattern from the Dynamic Links page of the Firebase console, and then specify up to 10 regular expressions using RE2 syntax. Only URLs that match one of these regular expressions can be successfully used as a Dynamic Link's deep link (link) or fallback link (afl, ifl, ipfl, ofl). If you specify a whitelist, any URL that doesn't match a whitelisted pattern will cause your Dynamic Links to return HTTP error 400.

You should make your whitelist as restrictive as possible. For example:

Too permissive Better


Can redirect to any page on any site ending with .com.


Can redirect only to pages at mybrand.com.


Can redirect to any app's Play Store page.


Can redirect only to Play Store pages for the app with the package name myapp.com.


Can redirect to any page on itunes.apple.com.


Can redirect only to the App Store page for the app with the ID id123.


You can make sure a Dynamic Link's deep link and fallback links match one of your whitelisted patterns by viewing the Dynamic Link's debug page and verifying there are no warnings:

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