Enable standard and Dynamic remarketing with Google Ads and Firebase.

Remarketing lets you reengage users based on their behavior in your app. When users fit the behavioral profile for a remarketing list (e.g., Reached Level 9), they are added to that list, and are eligible to see ads relevant to that earlier behavior.

Google Ads standard remarketing

Link your Google Ads account and Firebase project so you can create mobile-app remarketing lists based on Firebase audiences.

Learn more about Google Ads remarketing using Firebase data

Google Ads Dynamic Remarketing

Dynamic remarketing lets you show your app users ads relevant to the specific products and services they viewed. Setting up dynamic remarketing for your app involves three steps:

  1. Implement the recommended events for your business type.
  2. Link your Firebase and Google Ads accounts. (Note: you must share conversion event data from both Firebase and from Google Ads.)
  3. Configure how your app sends attribution events.

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Use Google Ads to reach people who visited your site or app.

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