Custom-parameter reporting

Define custom parameters for your events.

Google Analytics for Firebase lets you specify up to 25 custom parameters per event (Android or iOS).

You can also identify up to 100 custom event parameters per project (50 numeric and 50 text) to include in reporting by registering those parameters with their corresponding events. Once you register your custom parameters, Google Analytics for Firebase displays a corresponding data card in each related event-detail report.

Each parameter that you specify counts toward the project limit of 100. For example, if you specify the same parameter for 3 different events, then that counts as 3 of your 100.

The ability to create up to 100 parameters is available with App + Web properties. If you're using Google Analytics for Firebase, you need to upgrade to an App + Web property.

If you are not using an App + Web property, then you can identify up to 50 parameters per project (40 numeric and 10 text).

To register custom parameters for an event:

  1. In Analytics for Firebase, navigate to your app.
  2. Click Events.
  3. In the row for the event you want to modify, click More > Edit parameter reporting.
  4. In the Enter parameter name field, enter the name of the parameter you'd like to register.
    If a match is found, select it in the list and click ADD.
    If no match is found, click ADD.
  5. Set the Type field to Text or Number. For numeric parameters, set the Unit of Measurement field.
  6. Click SAVE, then click CONFIRM.

On the Events page, any event with registered parameters has a gray box next to the event name with the number of registered parameters for that event.

To edit registered parameters:

  1. In the row for the event, click More > Edit parameter reporting.
  2. Add new parameters per the instructions above, or click Delete to remove a parameter.
  3. Click SAVE, then click CONFIRM.

The per-project count for registered parameters appears at the bottom of the list of parameters. As you enter parameters, the count updates. When the quota has been reached (100), that number appears in red, indicating that you cannot register any more.

When you register custom parameters, a data card for each parameter is added to the related event-detail report. However, it may take up to 24 hours for the data card to appear.

Custom parameters are included in the data exported to BigQuery beginning on the date you link your Firebase project to BigQuery. The export to BigQuery is not retroactive: no custom-parameter data from before you create the link is exported.

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