Crash Reporting and Crashlytics Data Sources

Error reports include data from two sources:

  • Analytics events provide insights into user behaviors and are automatically imported from Firebase Analytics.
  • Custom logs provide insights into the behavior of your app and are collected by logging calls to the Crash Reporting and Crashlytics SDKs, depending on which you use.

By using data from both of these sources to collect all non-trivial user and app behaviors, you can gain insights into the conditions that precede errors or handled exceptions in your app. This helps you to quickly analyze those errors and exceptions, and update your app before more users encounter them.

Custom logs include the errors and exceptions collected from installed instances of your app. Custom logs are shown in the Firebase console with a Crash Reporting bug. You can create custom logs using custom log events. To learn more about creating custom error logs, see report crashes on iOS and report crashes on Android.

Analytics events include events like first_open, which tells you when a user first opens your app, and in_app_purchase, which is triggered when a customer makes a purchase in your app. Analytics events are shown in the Firebase console with a  Firebase Analytics icon. To review a full list of events that are automatically collected by Firebase Analytics, see Automatically collected events. To learn more about collecting Analytics events, see log events on iOS and log events on Android.

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