Event and parameter details (Google Analytics for Firebase)

This article provides details about the names and parameters of events logged automatically by Google Analytics for Firebase. These details can be helpful when accessing your raw event data in BigQuery or through Google Tag Manager. For more information about the nature of these events, refer to Automatically collected events.


Event name Parameters
ad_click ad_event_id
ad_impression ad_event_id
app_clear_data none
app_exception fatal, timestamp
app_remove none
app_update previous_app_version
dynamic_link_app_open source, medium, campaign, link_id, accept_time
dynamic_link_app_update source, medium, campaign, link_id, accept_time
dynamic_link_first_open source, medium, campaign, link_id, accept_time
error firebase_error, firebase_error_value
firebase_campaign source, medium, campaign, term, content, gclid, aclid, cp1, anid
first_open previous_gmp_app_id, previous_first_open_count, updated_with_analytics
in_app_purchase product_id, product_name, price, price_is_discounted, value, currency, quantity, app_version
notification_dismiss message_name, message_time, message_device_time, message_id, topic
notification_foreground message_name, message_time, message_device_time, message_id, topic
notification_open message_name, message_time, message_device_time, message_id, topic
notification_receive message_name, message_time, message_device_time, message_id, topic
os_update previous_os_version
session_start none
user_engagement engagement_time


Parameter name Parameter type Description
accept_time long Dynamic Link accept time
aclid string Install/Re-engagement Campaign Other Click ID
ad_event_id long Unique identifier for a Google Mobile Ads event
anid string Install/Re-engagement Campaign Ad Network ID
app_version string App version
campaign string Install/Re-engagement Campaign Name
content string Install/Re-engagement Campaign Content
cp1 string Install/Re-engagement Campaign Custom Param1
currency string Purchase currency. 3-letter ISO_4217 format
engagement_time_msec long The additional engagement time (ms) since the last user_engagement event
fatal long Indicates whether an exception was fatal (1=true, 0=false)
firebase_conversion long Denotes whether or not this event is a conversion
firebase_error long Error code reported by the SDK
firebase_error_value string SDK Error value
firebase_event_origin string Denotes the SDK origin of the event
firebase_screen_class string The screen class (Activity/UIViewController) on which this event occurred
firebase_screen string The screen name (manually supplied) on which this event occurred
gclid string Install/Re-engagement Campaign Google Click ID
link_id string Dynamic Link ID
medium string Install/Re-engagement Campaign Medium
message_device_time long FCM Notification Delivery relative to Device Time
message_id string FCM Notification Message ID
message_name long FCM Notification Message Name
message_time long FCM Notification Message Time (Sent Timestamp)
previous_app_version string Signifies the previous application version
previous_first_open_count long The number of times first_open was logged before this occurrence
previous_os_version string Signifies the previous OS version
price double (BigQuery)
long microcurrency (Tag Manager)
IAP price
product_id string IAP product id
quantity long IAP purchase quantity
source string Install/Re-engagement Campaign Source
system_app long (Android Only) whether or not this first_open pertains to a system app
system_app_update long (Android Only) whether or not this first_open pertains to a system app update
term string Install/Re-engagement Campaign Search Term
timestamp long Indicates the timestamp of an exception
topic string FCM Notification Topic
updated_with_analytics long Signifies that the first_open was logged as a result of an update to a new version of the app which integrates Google Analytics
value long/double Context-specific numeric value

User properties

Property name Parameter type Description
first_open_time int64 UTC time when the user first launched the app (in milliseconds rounded to the nearest full hour)
last_deep_link_referrer String Last deep-link referrer value (2K-character limit)
_ltv_<currency> int64 Accumulated LTV per currency type (4-currency maximum)
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