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Delete an app

You may sometimes want to remove an app from your Firebase project, such as removing an obsolete app variant. However, before deleting an app, you should understand what happens when an app is deleted and what it means for your Firebase project. Sometimes there are alternative actions you may want to take instead of deleting your app.

Deleting an app is a permanent action: you cannot undelete an app if you change your mind.
Make sure that permanent deletion of the app from your project is what you really intend.

When you delete an app, the following changes occur to your Firebase project:

  • Analytics data:
    • Incoming Analytics data corresponding to your app is not processed.
    • Historical Analytics data corresponding to your app is still stored.
    • Analytics data for any other apps connected to your Firebase project is not affected.
  • Corresponding API keys or OAuth clients are NOT deleted. You can clean up the API keys or OAuth clients in the Google APIs console credentials page. Deleting these resources will break installed applications: your users will no longer be able to authenticate or sign in.
  • If your app is linked to Google Play, AdMob, or BigQuery, it will no longer be linked when your app is deleted.

If you want to continue to process incoming Analytics data for your app, but still want to clear the OAuth client to register the same SHA-1 and package name in a different project, you can delete the SHA-1 for your app from Project Settings instead of deleting the app.

Delete an app

  1. Sign in to Firebase, then open your project.
  2. Click the Settings icon, then select Project settings.
  3. In the Your apps card, select the app that you want to delete.
  4. Under the Your apps card, click Remove this app.
  5. Check that the desired app is being deleted, then click Remove app permanently.
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