Manage project members

Use the Permissions interface to manage membership roles for your Firebase project.

Adding members to your Firebase project allows you to collaborate across your team. You can assign each member a role based on the level of access the member needs for your project. Project members are not limited to just individual users: domains, groups, and service accounts can all be members of a Firebase project.

Visit the documentation for managing project access to learn more about Firebase roles and permissions.

Add a member

To add a member to your Firebase project:

  1. Sign in to Firebase.
  2. Click the Settings icon, then select Permissions.
  3. On the Permissions page, click Add member.
  4. In the dialog, enter the user, domain, group, or service account you want to add as a member.
  5. Select a role for the new member, then click Add.
When you assign a member the role of Owner, Firebase sends an invitation message. The permissions page lists these invitations as pending until the member accepts the role.

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