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The overview graph shows a timeline crash metrics that occurred for the app versions and error types during your active date range.

The graph shows the following metrics for your app based on the filters selected:

  • Errors: total number of errors reported
  • Clusters: total number of clusters generated based on similar stack traces
  • Users impacted: total number of users who experienced an error


Clusters are groups of errors that have similar stack traces. The table contains one row per cluster based on your selected filters. The table contains the following metrics for each cluster:

  • Errors: number error occurrences within the cluster
  • Users: number of users who experienced an error
  • Last version: the last version of your app the cluster was observed in
  • Cluster: summary of the error that occurred, the location at which the error occurred, and whether the error was fatal
  • Stack trace: abbreviated version of the stack trace

Each cluster contains detailed metrics in the detail report. To view the detail report:

  1. Click the cluster row you wish to see details for. The row expands with additional details of the stack trace.
  2. Click View details to open the detail view for the cluster.


You can apply filters to narrow the displayed data to focus on specific app versions, error types, or time periods. Filters are applied to the overview timeline as well as the clusters table and the metrics reported for each cluster.

  • App versions: select a specific version of your app or choose All app versions to see the maximum amount of data
  • Error type: select All errors, Fatal crashes, or Non-fatal exceptions
  • Time period: select prior 24 hours, 48 hours, 7 days, 30 days, or 6 months
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