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View, export, or import JSON data for your Database.

The Data page provides an overview of the data contained in your Firebase Database. This can be helpful when you are setting up your database structure for the first time. From this page you can import or export your database data in JSON format, or manually edit data in the web interface. For more information on best-practices with structuring your data, see Structure Your Database for the platform of your choice in the developer documentation:

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Export JSON data

To export data as JSON:

  1. Select the node you wish to export. This also exports all children of the node.
  2. Click action menu and select Export JSON.
  3. Your browser will begin downloading a .json file for your database data.

Import JSON data

To import data:

  1. Select the node you wish to import data to. Child elements in the imported data are automatically created.
  2. Click action menu and select Import JSON.
  3. Browse to the file you wish to import and click Import.
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