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Use funnels to visualize and optimize the completion rate of a series of steps (events) in your app. For example, you might create a funnel that contains the steps necessary to create an account, and then track the completion rate of each step. You may discover that there is a specific stage of the account-creation flow where users abandon the process. You can filter your funnel reports by audiences or user properties to see whether some segments of your user base complete funnels at a higher rate. Gain insight using a funnel and then make the necessary changes to your app to improve retention.

Funnels in Firebase are open funnels meaning that users do not have to complete a previous step (e.g., step 1) in order to be included in the metrics for a later step (e.g., step 2).

Use this report for strict sequences of events that occur naturally within the app.

Create a funnel

To create a funnel:

  1. In Google Analytics or Firebase, navigate to your app.
  2. Google Analytics: Click Funnels in the report navigation.
    Firebase: In Analytics, click Funnels.
  3. Click NEW FUNNEL.
  4. Enter a name and description for the funnel.
  5. For Step 1, select the event you want to be the first step in the funnel.
  6. Click Add another step for additional steps. For each step, select an event.
  7. Click Create.
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