Predefined user dimensions

As long as you use the Firebase SDK, you don't need to write any additional code to collect a number of predefined user dimensions automatically. All of these dimensions are available for use in Audience conditions, and some of them are also available as general report filters.

For iOS apps, the app must collect IDFA in order to automatically derive the Age, Gender, and Interests dimensions.
User dimension Type Description
Age Text Identifies users by six categories: 18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, and 65+.
App Store Text The store from which the app was downloaded and installed.
App Version Text The versionName (Android) or the Bundle version (iOS).
Country Text The country the user resides in.
Device Brand Text The brand name of the mobile device (e.g., Motorola, LG, or Samsung).
Device Category Text The category of the mobile device (e.g., mobile or tablet).
Device Model Text The mobile device model name (e.g., iPhone 5s or SM-J500M).
First Open Time Number The time (in milliseconds, UTC) at which the user first opened the app, rounded up to the next hour.
Gender Text Identifies users as either male or female.
Interests Text Lists the interests of the user (e.g., "Arts & Entertainment, Games, Sports").
Language Text The language setting of the device OS (e.g., en-us or pt-br).
New/Established N/A New: First opened the app within the last 7 days.
Established: First opened the app more than 7 days ago.
OS Version Text The version of the device OS (e.g., 9.3.2 or 5.1.1).

Automatically generated and assigned app-instance ID

Analytics automatically generates and assigns an app-instance ID to each instance of your app. The ID is used to compute user metrics throughout Analytics.

Learn more about how to access the ID via getAppInstanceId.

Learn more about how to reset the ID via resetAnalyticsData.

Where Analytics gets demographics, interests, and location data

Analytics derives demographics and interests data from the following sources:

  • The Android Advertising ID. Applies to app activity only. Analytics generates an identifier based on the ID that includes demographic and interests information derived from users’ app activity.
  • The iOS Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA). Applies to app activity only. Analytics generates an identifier based on the IDFA that includes demographic and interest information derived from users’ app activity.

When the Device Advertising ID is not present, Analytics cannot derive demographics and interests information. Consequently, demographics and interests data may only be available for a subset of your users, and may not represent the overall composition of your traffic.

Analytics derives location data from users' IP addresses.

Data thresholds

Thresholds are applied to prevent anyone viewing a report from inferring the demographics, interests, or location of individual users. When a report contains Age, Gender, Interests, or Location, a threshold may be applied and some data may be withheld from the report. For example, if there are fewer than N instances of Gender=male in a report, then data for the male value may be withheld.

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