Add transactions to your portfolio

Google Finance portfolios allow you to track your buy, sell, buy to cover and sell short transactions. Your portfolio also records commissions, transaction dates, returns as well as cash deposits and withdrawals.

How to add a transaction to your portfolio

  1. Once you’re signed into your Google Account, click Portfolios on the left side of the Google Finance homepage.
  2. In the grey "Add symbol" bar you can enter the share symbol. You can also Add transaction data which includes: intransaction date, price and number of shares. The rest of the fields are optional.
  3. Click the Add to Chrome button

Adding multiple transactions to a company

You can add multiple transactions to the same company. This is done in the same way as adding a new transaction. You simply type in the share symbol and add the new transaction data. The Performance view will combine this new transaction with the old to display summary information per company. If you wish to see the transaction separated you can view them in the Transaction tab.

Cash-linked transactions

If you want a transaction to affect your cash balance, check the "Deduct from cash" box. This setting is sticky: future transactions will stay cash-linked until you un-tick the box.

Once transactions are entered, you can view and change which of your transactions are linked to a cash balance in your portfolio. Simply visit the transaction-editing page in your portfolio, and check or un-tick the box labelled "Cash-linked".

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