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Ping was at 2ms what does that mean I was just trying to update my son kindle Fiber jack box is blinking red, network box is blinking blue. I’ve tried to reset fiber jack but it continues to blink red. I have tried the recommended reset but the box continues to blink red. The WiFi is not working. I'm wondering what kind of wi-fi booster I should buy. Ring doorbell is slow to load and dead spots Researched the problem with my Ring doorbell and think it is not getting good wi-fi signal
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The internet connection is very slow and keeps cutting off. Restarted/unplugged device
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How do I create a guest wi-fi login at my home? I'm trying to create a new guest SSID on my home wi-fi but can't figure out how. I'd like to create … The distance from the router seems to be an issue. When I’m in another room (10 ft from router) the internet cuts out. Is that normal? I’ve been in oth… Thoroughly disappointed with Fiber speed. With Spectrum 200mbps, there was better performance I have reset mutliple times. Only Fiber speed test gives good results; very bad results on all other… Can I watch fxnow with wifi or is a cable package needed?? Want to watch Snowfall, Claws an Pose how can I do that with only wifi with Google If my TV boxes are access points does it really matter where I place my network box? Looking to move my network box to the basement but I don't want to impact my wifi speed or coverage. Who do you contact when fiber is out? There is zero email support I can find Internet is complete down again When will my fiber jack be installed? I signed up and have not been contacted for installation.
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