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Feature Request: Disney+ integrated TV app This is a feature request for an integrated TV app for the upcoming Disney+ service. Current outage Resetting boxes HBO Go says I don't have an HBO subscription but I do. My wife was watching HBO Go and it suddenly kicked her out and said we don't have an HBO subscriptio… Google Fiber TV freezes on all units after 2-3 minutes Google Fiber was installed at our home on Nov. 1, 2019. Since then, the TV service freezes (on all T… All shows on dvr recording about 20 seconds off. Every show I record on google fiber dvr is off by about 20 seconds. Get 20 seconds from the last sho… When is the last time Fiber added or changed a channel based on customer input? I have asked in the past about adding NBA TV - and get a response from customer reps along the lines…
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DVR freezing during playback and I cannot fast forward, have to restart the recording and fast fwd DVR Freeze New Fiber TV user interface With the "new" TV user interface, I've lost a lot of the setup functionality I once had. How can I s…
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Can I increase the menu (not guide) font size? I've been able to increase the Guide font size for my visually challenged wife, but there seem to be…
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Issue: Fiber TV App will not load. Opens for 1 second, and then instantly closes. App opens for 1 second, and then instantly closes. Made sure that the device used was using up-to-da… Remote doesn’t work has been paired Tv not working with remote have paired it Is there some kind of massive issue with Fiber TV in KC? Stuttery/pixelated since last Thursday. All channels have visual pixelation and stuttery audio since last Thursday. Down detector shows a bi… Fox 4 and KMBC aren't working Problem with fox 4 and kmbc 9 Need a couple of new remote's. Our remote isn't controlling the box. The buttons are worn out. Trying to get 2 new remote controllers for the cable boxes. Just installed Hulu and now I can’t get back to google fiber tv Have exited Hulu and selected program using google guide but program does not display Why do u charge double than other companies per month. What is charge for email only? Can't afford. Trying to send an email to ur company TBS pixelated & blurry (only channel with this problem) I am constantly getting pixelation and blurry picture when watching baseball games on TBS. No other … do you have NHL Network does google fiber carry the NHL network Request One America News Network Request One America News Network N audio after restarting TV TV screen turns green, we reboot the TV box, then when the TV comes back on, we have no audio,
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