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I am moving and there is nothing on here to point me what to do! This is bogus. Usually an ISP will have a whole customer retention directive to help customers who a… Service Date I've been signed up for several years now. When will I actually be able to have Fiber connected to m… When is Google fibre coming to the uk or are they not bring it to the uk? I wanted to know when or if Google fibre was coming to the uk I cannot find out any information about when Google Fiber will be installed in our home. I have called the help line, and they told me I was signed up, but they could not give me any inform…
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How long is the wait for fiber in Provo? I signed up for fiber a bit ago and have not received any information about how long it will take to…
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Install started but never finished I signed up for Fiber over 6 weeks ago and my yard was marked for utilities over 4 weeks ago and the… It’s been over a month since we requested installation. How long will this take? Called several times. Service reps said there is nothing they can do to find out how long it will ta… what is holding up deployment in San Antonio Texas What is holding up the Google Fiber deployment in San Antonio Texas???
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Fiber in SLC - 1 block west of me and fiber starts, wtf? My neighbor was signed up the same day and got google fiber. Im a block away and have been signed up…
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My address was deemed "unserviceable". Can't find out why. My address was deemed "unserviceable". They laid fiber in my neighborhood and ran it up to a box on … No Fiber, despite being servicable address. I am extremely dissatisfied with how I've been treated. My house is a completely newly built propert…
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I want to check if I have Google fiber here and price it See if it's available and talk to a live representative Is google fibre available at 4706 roundtree ct shawnee ks 66226 When I move to 4706 roundtree ct in shawnee, is 66226 can I have Google fibre?
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Need to change address so I can get profile and WiFi at new apartment I live at a different apartment than on my account. The other apartments have google fiber. I want i…
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Your new fiber installation at my location has been severed. Is anyone going to fix it? Not my issue, it's yours. I'm trying to help you. Cables were not buried deep enough and they have c…
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