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I want to apply parental control on google fiber internet on some stuffs like fortnight games and some bad stuff I want to block gaming stuffs from the WiFi Double Nat issues using a 3rd party router My roommate and I each have an Xbox One and we're trying to play Fortnite. We are having chat issues…
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Double-NAT issue with Google Fiber and Google Wifi mesh I'm running into a Double-NAT issue with Google Fiber and Google Wifi mesh. The Google Fiber box doe…
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my phone will not call out. i get dial tone, and I dial number and it gives me a siren-like sound. it does it on all numbers i dial. i am trying to call out on several different numbers. I do get a dial tone, but it will not ring the…
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New "Google Nest Wifi" Mesh Router - Fiber Support? Is there any plan to have Google Fiber and the new "Nest Wi-Fi" mesh router work together and, bette… Personal router access I have the GF NB and my router connected to it. I’m trying to troubleshoot speed issues where my dow… My internet keeps going in and out. What’s happening? I’ve tried unplugging the router and the fiber jack per customer service as in the last time I talke… When will Google Fiber routers reflect the upcoming 802.11ax WiFi frequency? The WiFi industry is releasing faster WiFi technology to consumers in summer or fall 2019. This will… wired device is shown attached to TV box but there is no device connected After having slowness, I got on fiber.google.com to check my network and found that there was seemin…
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TBS pixelated & blurry (only channel with this problem) I am constantly getting pixelation and blurry picture when watching baseball games on TBS. No other … do you have NHL Network does google fiber carry the NHL network Intermittent connectivity issues for wireless devices without loss of association from access point I’m regularly having intermittent issues with device connectivity to internet without loss of associ…
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Is this router capable of serving as a VPN? IF not is there a model that you have or can recommend Need a VPN setup at home. Does this router support that
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