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Could I change my payment date I'd like to change payment date from the 13th to the 15th robo calls - how can I stop them. I receive 5 to 10 every day, even on weekends Why can't I set up "nomorobo" on my landline? It is the only thing I regret about switching from ATT… Will Google Fiber be getting the NBATV channel before the 2019 NBA season begins? Please please get the NBATV channel. I would be willing to pay extra if you add it to the sports pac… My internet speed is slow, I have the 1000 plan and i get less than 100 upload and download speed... My wifi is slower than 100 and i have the 1000 plan...wtf TV box won't tune/says it's "having trouble" tuning in ALL channels I navigate to...I'm not alone. TURN IT ON. No channels - except the shopping channels - will tune. The blue box error says that it'…
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Can I watch fxnow with wifi or is a cable package needed?? Want to watch Snowfall, Claws an Pose how can I do that with only wifi with Google NFL Channel streaming on tablet? Does Google Fiber still offer the NFL Channel? I can't access it via the Google Fiber app or on my t…
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Request One America News Network Request One America News Network Install started but never finished I signed up for Fiber over 6 weeks ago and my yard was marked for utilities over 4 weeks ago and the… Auto pay should be scheduled for the 26th not 13th Need auto pay not take a payment on 13th but for the 26th please Quality of Service (QoS) or device priority How do I prioritize devices that are connected to my Google Fiber Network Box? I have about 6 device… what is holding up deployment in San Antonio Texas What is holding up the Google Fiber deployment in San Antonio Texas???
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DHCP frequently stops working My Google router is frequently ignoring wired devices and denying them an IP address. Oddly enough t… Why aren't movies advertised as available through 'on demand' are not to be found? movies are advertised as on demand, search for advertised movie ends in no results listed--movie not… Reserved IP in Google Fiber Wifi Device Configuration is Disabled All of my "Reserved IP" switches are grayed out on all devices on my local network. I have a bunch o…
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CW keeps freezing, pixelating, blurring - but ONLY this channel When watching the CW, the shows will randomly freeze, the display will blur, and/or the shows become…
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