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Port closed, wont open I am trying to get port 10308 to open. I have contacted customer service on numerous occasions witho…
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Very slow when using instagram Google fiber is very slow when using instagram on my iPhone. When I turn off WiFi instagram’s speed …
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My internet keeps going in and out. What’s happening? I’ve tried unplugging the router and the fiber jack per customer service as in the last time I talke… Problem with VPN router disconnecting I am using a router with VPN capability to connect remotely to my home network, but after a period t…
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Remove connected devices on WiFi How do I disconnect devices that are active on my network box? Content Request: ACC Network (The Triangle, NC) With the ACC Network launching on August 22nd, I would like to request that it be added to the chann… Any help with really slow internet and constant drops? We just got Google fiber and am already starting to regret it. We left AT
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TV freezing/blank screen with message "Not connected to storage box" My TV signal will freeze or the screen will go blank and I will get the message "Not connected to st… TV box won't tune/says it's "having trouble" tuning in ALL channels I navigate to...I'm not alone. TURN IT ON. No channels - except the shopping channels - will tune. The blue box error says that it'…
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“Not included in subscription package” message when the channel is included in my package. I often catch up on shows at work and when trying to log in with my tv provider on some channels’ we… After setting up my network box yesterday, the GFiberSetup signal is still broadcasting? I’m just wondering how long the signal is supposed to broadcast or what I need to do to stop it from… Neede ACC Network in Huntsville Alabama. With the ACC Network launching on August 22nd, I would like to request that it be added to the chann… My internet speed is slow, I have the 1000 plan and i get less than 100 upload and download speed... My wifi is slower than 100 and i have the 1000 plan...wtf Unable to reach a locally-hosted website from my lan using dns pointing to my public ip I have the google fiber router dmz'd to my asus router that I've been using for years, and I never h…
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Wait time in Atlanta I have signed up but am currently without internet and need to know how long the wait time is?
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